Pastor Appreciation Month

October is Pastor Appreciation Month

The Lord has given us wonderful pastors who work hard to serve our congregation. First Thessalonians 5:12 instructs us to "Make sure you show your deep appreciation for those who cherish you and diligently work as ministers among you."

October is Pastor Appreciation Month. We are asking each person/family to do something special for our pastors during the month of October. Some suggestions to show your appreciation are:

  • Send cards of encouragement and appreciation.
  • Ask your pastors "how can I help you?" and they just may tell you!
  • Write a note sharing something you learned from a sermon or prayer.
  • Provide them a gift certificate to a favorite restaurant, store, etc.
  • Arrange for lawn care for the month of October.
  • Share how God has blessed you through his/her ministry.
  • Prepare a meal or baked goods for them.
  • Offer your pastor tickets to a concert of other event.
  • Bless your pastor with a cash gift.

The most important way to help your pastors is to regularly and faithfully pray for their emotional and physical well-being, for their spiritual protection, and for God's divine guidance in their lives.

Pastors' address info is available in the virtual directory.

Please contact Brenda Codispoti with questions.