Day 5: Genesis 12-14; Matthew 5-6

How natural is prayer to the human soul. Where Abraham settled, there he built altars (today's Genesis readings, cc.12-14). Jesus simply assumed we would pray, and referenced the prayers of others as common (Matthew 6 reading). God doesn't respond to manipulation, isn't impressed with grandstanding...He just wants us to come simply, as we are. That's where our most honest and intimate moments come with God. He loves the praise of our hearts. He blesses us with His purpose and provision. He forgives, protects, and inhabits the praises of His beloved children. He is our Abba Father. So, come spend time with Him. Speak from your heart, tell Him about your love for Him, ask Him for what you need and surrender to His answers. Time spent in prayer is never wasted!
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Photo by Bradley Lembach on Unsplash.
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