Day 9: Genesis 23-24; Matthew 9

Matthew has recently become my favorite disciple, thanks to The Chosen's unique approach to his character. This eccentric portrayal aside, I have often pondered Matthew's calling: "Get used to different." Judas aside, Matthew should have been the last person Jesus invited to become The Great Rabbi's disciple/student. Rabbi's wanted someone of good stock, of the correct lineage, of strict formal learning, with great aptitude for the Torah (at least that rabbi's particular slant on the Torah). Matthew was a traitor to the Jewish people and, especially, the Jewish faith. Not only had he sold his soul to Rome to become a tax collector, he had sold out his own people to benefit himself. Most often, tax collectors were not only disowned by their families, but worse yet, they were kicked out of the synagogue and thus all acceptable society with all that society's benefits. Tax collectors were notoriously crooked, and Matthew most likely fit in...he and his friends had a reputation. Jesus, however, saw something in Matthew no one else did. Matthew was so flabbergasted that Jesus called him to be His disciple, that instantaneously, he left his tax station for good and walked away with Jesus. Jesus did the unthinkable...He invited Himself to a party at Matthew's home along with all of Matthew's unsavory friends. You read His reasoning...salvation, restoration, healing are what He is all about.

You know, there was something very surprising in Matthew. Somewhere in his early life, he was most likely the perfect candidate for some self-important and prominent rabbi. You see, Matthew knew the Torah inside and out. His is the most Jewish of the Gospels and if you look, it mirrors the Pentateuch (the first 5 books of the Bible). Who knew what drove him away from the faith, but Jesus knew the gift Matthew was in his own worth and the gift Matthew would be to the Church. So, He did the unthinkable. He called a tax collector to be His disciple. I am so glad He did!

The next time you see 'an unlikely disciple,' don't dismiss that one very careful, Jesus called Matthew. He also called you and me!
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Natalie Barringer - January 9th, 2023 at 1:10pm

The message for me here is that everyone is “redeemable.” Some are just “tougher nuts to crack.”




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