Day 13: Genesis 31-32; Matthew 12:1-21

Our Father is the Sovereign and Supreme God, God Alone, the Only God, who remembers (Genesis 31:13). The deceitful Jacob fleeing for his life encountered the God who pursues us at Luz, and having a face-to-face conversation with God, Jacob renames the place Bethel (House of God). Here was God remembering Jacob's covenant with Him (Genesis 28:18-22) and His covenant with Abraham (Genesis 15). We see the moment, God sees the big picture. We want help now, but God carries out His eternal plan...moment by moment, with purpose, grace and love. Jacob is about to have a truly life-changing, legacy-leaving, God-encounter (Genesis 32:24-32), but here is God, reminding him that He is with Jacob in the moment. God Him! He is with you in this moment, and He has all your tomorrows in His care.
Photo by Elliott on Unsplash.

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Natalie Barringer - January 14th, 2023 at 8:24am

What a comfort these words are- “ He has all your tomorrows in His care.”




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