Day 18: Genesis 42-43; Matthew 14:22-36

Jacob asked his sons a very practical question: "Why are you sitting around staring at each other? Go!" (Genesis 42:1). The famine was severe. They needed food and had none. They knew there was plenty in Egypt. There was no divine revelation necessary. Use your God-given power of reason and take action. Go get food!

Jesus told the hunger-satisfied disciples: "Go ahead. I'll catch up with you later after I dismiss the filled-up crowd" (Matthew 14:22f - my paraphrase). They listened and did the reasonable thing. They got in the boat and headed for their destination sans Jesus. He had spoken, they listened.

There are times when you just have to use the knowledge that you have and take action because there is nothing else to do. For the child of God, for the disciple of Jesus, there is the assurance that when we are His, He will work in our circumstances. He will guide and provide...including closing doors or sending messages if we may get off-track. In the meantime we can trust Him in the famine and the storm, not only to care for us and provide for our needs, but to grow our faith, carry out His plan for our lives, and use us to share the Great Good News.

Wondering what to do? Just go! God is with you!
Photo by Isravel Raj on Unsplash.

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