Day 24: Exodus 7-10; Matthew 18:1-20

Today, making our way through the plagues (Exodus 7-10), the power of prayer struck me. Indeed, the prayers of Moses result in more power than the Pharaoh (an Egyptian god called 'the living god') wielded. When Moses prayed, God, the True Living God, acted on a national level in direct response to his prayers. That's power! Now, read Matthew 18:19-20. You and I may not be on, or near, Moses' position of influence in history and in heaven, but Jesus reminds us that our unified prayer has power. When we gather, even two or three of us, He is present. When we pray in agreement, He Whose name is power and in Whose name we pray, promises answers. Never underestimate your influence in prayer, and take advantage of every opportunity to pray together. Heaven resounds with our prayers and earth is transformed by the faith of faithful praying people.
Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash.
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