Day 29: Exodus 19-22; Matthew 20:1-16

Last and first, first and last.

There are some games I play with my older granddaughter that have no rules. We simply play with them because the game pieces are pretty cool. The one has a farm full of nifty animals with lots of barns. It's a favorite. We have played it enough times for Poppop to be aware that the rules will change...multiple times per game. You see, the person with the most farm animals in the end wins. I can assure you that the person writing this has not won in ages...perhaps never.

When it comes to life, being first or last seems extremely consequential. Some will do anything to be first, I mean anything. Heaven does not work this way. It is all by grace. Pity the follower of Jesus who feels entitled and believes that because he/she was first the reward should be greater than the promise...last and first, first and last (Matthew 20:1-16). If their sense of fairness is offended, they might want to take a step back and consider this: were it not for grace, what they deserve would be eternal anguish in hell. Grace invites them in...and rejoices when the last, the least and the lost respond to the invitation. So should we!

Amazing grace, how sweet the sound!
Photo by Jonathan Greenaway on Unsplash

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