Day 35: Exodus 37 - Leviticus 1; Matthew 23:23-39

In Exodus 31:1-11 we are introduced to Bezalel and Oholiab, skilled craftsmen appointed by God and filled with His Spirit, to do the work of constructing the tabernacle. They cannot do this alone. In Exodus 35:30-35 we are reintroduced to these men, given their status and reminded of their appointment with the addition of this vital fact that God gave them the ability to teach others their trades (v.34). Exodus 36-39 (4 chapters highlighting the work of tradesmen) describe the work of constructing the tabernacle and everything to be used in it, including the vestments of the priests. Exodus 39:43 concludes with these wonderful words: "Moses inspected all the work they had accomplished. They had done just as the Lord commanded. Then Moses blessed them."

Every Spirit-filled follower of Jesus Christ has a place of significance in His plan and purpose. No matter your skill, station, or standing, you can serve with significance. Do not underestimate your importance to the Kingdom, or feel inferior because of your type of work or abilities. You have a place and your work matters to God. Also take note of the fact that you have something to teach others, to pass on to them. Every follower of Jesus needs to be mentored, discipled...and, in turn, to become a mentor and disciple-maker. If God, Who has filled you with His Spirit, has gifted you with special skills and abilities, then you have a place to serve and an appointment to mentor, teach, others your skills within the realm of Kingdom service. When we do this, this is the life God blesses. And, as we often see, when our life's work is done, our legacy lives on.

You are gifted! You are Spirit-filled! Use what God has given you in service to Him and others...and, oh yes, by all means, pass it on!
Photo by Milan Popovic on Unsplash

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