Day 40: Leviticus 10-12; Matthew 26:1-16

Whatever you think of the account the deaths of Nadab and Abihu, Aaron's sons (Leviticus 10:1f), you and I know by faith that God's judgments are just, for He looks on the hearts of humans. Extreme as it seems, we are reminded in Leviticus 11:44-45 that God is holy, and He calls us to holiness. His appointed spiritual leaders should lead the charge. Speaking of leading the charge, it was the appointed (not by God, but historically and politically) spiritual leadership that, centuries later, is leading the charge against Jesus (Matthew 26:3-5). Some leaders care nothing for the promise and privilege of their office, only the power and prestige. Self-promotion is the antithesis of holiness. Jesus, holiness embodied, was a threat to that leadership. Their answer: remove anyone who is a threat. We'll talk more about this another day. However, notice the beautiful scene that is inserted in the verbal parentheses of hatred and betrayal (Matthew 26:6-13). A powerful act of abandoned worship from a person not remotely socially, religiously acceptable as a worship leader. She, the outcast, worships the Lord while the recognized religious leaders plot His death. Their lives are immortalized as the godless hypocrites they were, and she is immortalized as the ultimate like her!

Lord may I never be so self-absorbed, so full of desire to have worldly recognition that my name is known as Nadab, Abihu or Caiaphas. Rather, may I be one of the nameless, self-abandoned worshipers who ultimately is recognized by You. All I want to hear is Your, "Well done!"  

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Natalie Barringer - February 10th, 2023 at 9:17am

Amen. This is my prayer also.