Day 43: Leviticus 14-16; Matthew 26:57-75

"Judas quickly stepped up to Jesus and said, “Shalom, Rabbi,” and he kissed him on both cheeks." (Matthew 26:49, TPT)

It's beyond comprehension that Jesus, who could have called legions of angels to His defense (Matthew 26:53)...and could have cursed the conniving chief priest like the fig tree and withered up that wicked, lie-promoting man seeking false witnesses when he should have sought the Truth...and could have wiped the condescending smiles off the faces of all those who disgustingly treated Him as less than human by wiping them's beyond comprehension that Jesus endured not only the shame of the cross, but every other dehumanizing act by choice. What probably cut the most deeply, however, was the greeting of an intimate companion of three years who said, "May all be well and good with you!" followed by a kiss...all as an act of betrayal leading to death. This is amazing grace! And, O my God, it found out me...for I am one of the crowd who participated in this 'beyond comprehension' event, and I heard Jesus say, "Father, forgive him." Yes, this is amazing grace!

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