Day 44: Leviticus 17, Matthew 27

How timely and how timeless. Leviticus 17 reminds us that 'the life' of any created being 'is in the blood.' Truth! Move across the years from the daily sacrifices being brought to the tent of meeting and their blood shed and sprinkled on the altar. Now, look upon a cruciform altar upon which the Lamb of God was sacrificed once and for all, His blood freely flowing and staining that altar. Yes, the life is in the blood and the blood-flow signaled His death. The sacrificial system for the forgiveness of our sins ends in that moment. Ironically, amazingly, graciously, that blood is our life. Yes the life, eternal life, is in the blood of Jesus. "What can wash away my sin? Noting but the blood of Jesus! What can make me whole again? Nothing but the blood of Jesus! O precious is the flow...!"

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