Day 51: Numbers 4-5; Mark 4

The 'Kingdom of Heaven' Parables are full of marvelous surprises, such as how a minuscule seed becomes a shelter for a multitude variety of birds, and how seed is sown and grows to maturity, a vast crop before the eyes of the sower. How it all happens cannot always be explained, we don't 'know how' (Mark 4:27), but the harvest will come. At the core of the Kingdom parables is the reality that God is the One in control, carrying out His Divine purpose to its conclusion. The joy of the Kingdom citizens is that God allows them to share in and witness His Kingdom coming. While the praise and honor for the advancement goes to God, the blessings of His promise and provision are enjoyed by those who journey with Him by His invitation. Celebrate Him as you relish His present and coming Kingdom!

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