Day 52: Numbers 6-7; Mark 5:1-20

Who is this that even the wind and the waves obey Him? And the demons of hell? Jesus confronts the storm that threatens death (Mark 4:38) and the powers that dwell in torment leading to eternal death (Mark 5:9) with complete control. He is LORD! He is the Great I AM! The disciples were in awe and kept on their journey of discovery with Jesus. The crowds were afraid and asked Jesus to leave them. The demon-possessed man now set free was abandoned to Jesus and wanted to go with Him, wherever He went. The disciples and the crowd got what they wanted, the freed man did not. Jesus was confident that this one man's testimony would erase the crowds counter-testimony. His reputation was regional. No one could deny the change in him...remember, he was the one no one could help and no one could control. Jesus was also confident that his transformation was real and that in Him, his journey was secure and his mission would live on.

Where do you and I fit in this conversation? Who is Jesus to us? If He has calmed our storms and freed us from our demons, then, we have a life-story to tell...even the disciples got around to the mission of the freed man (Matthew 28:19-20). 

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