Day 55: Numbers 14-15; Mark 6:30-56

For whatever reason, our reading from Numbers (and I read ahead through Numbers 16) took me back to our Wednesday night conversation about loving God and loving His church. I certainly hope that the church is never as 'stiff-necked' as the wilderness wanderers. However, there are always those in the larger context of the Church (capital 'C') who don't embrace the vision of God to move into the promise, putting the breaks on advancement with complaint and opposition. Yes, there are those who walk by sight and not by faith. Indeed, there are those who challenge the qualifications and motives of leaders (I realize not every leader has pure motives...witness Korah). Then, there are those who decide they will march off on their own despite the warning not to do so. As we read these chapters, I marvel at Moses who must have eaten plenty of wilderness dirt...he was so often on his face before God, pleading and interceding on behalf of his wayward flock. "God, save the people even as you protect Your reputation." God listened to the prayers of Moses, the face-to-face with God leader. We will not always agree, but can we agree that our embracing the things that matter most should overshadow our disagreement? We represent the presence of God in our world and His reputation with lost people truly matters. We represent one another and our world before God as intercessors and our humble, deep love for the church and the lost moves the heart and hand of God as we unite in prayer (just two or three gathered in Jesus' name...but, why not more). What a privilege! Here, in united prayer, God shows His glory! Christ builds His Church!

Because we love God, let us love one another as God loves us. And, let us keep loving the world to Jesus.

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