Day 56: Numbers 16-20; Mark 7:1-13

Everyone gets to tithe...give a tenth. The Levites who had no inheritance and who served God and His children, were dependent on the gifts (tithes) that Israel brought to the tabernacle. If they had no means of making a living and sustaining life (remember, the tithe was not money but livestock and produce), God would make certain they were cared for. The tithe belonged to them, but they belonged to God. So, they were to bring God a tenth of the tenth of Israel (Numbers 18:26) and it was to be the first and the best (Numbers 18:32). Even Levites needed to be reminded that everything we have is a gift from God's hand, and His provision should be acknowledged.

It amazes me that this lesson is so difficult for us to grasp. We pay our taxes (more than a tenth) religiously and for fear of retribution. We have no choice. However, it is easy to balk at the notion of tithing. I am so grateful that as a child the lesson my parents taught me was that God gets the first tenth of my allowance. My parents were always generous with God, though they were never rich. God was first and they honored God practically. We always had enough, and then some...God saw to that. Through my life I have learned that you and I cannot outgive God. In fact, it is a joy to give to Him Who has gifted me with all that I have. Indeed, He has given me what I do not deserve...grace, the forgiveness of my sins, abundant and eternal life. The least I can do is join His mission practically. In fact, the joy of giving above and beyond, has no price attached. I am His. He is mine, and I lack no good thing!  Thanks be to God for His indescribable Gift! 
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