Day 58: Numbers 21-22; Mark 7:24-37

"He does everything well!" (Mark 7:37)

What amazes the crowd (i.e., those who walk around with Jesus observing Him) is His core value: God's glory that is evidenced in His words and actions. Do you remember the response of the crowds to His excellent sermon? The crowds were amazed because He spoke with authority, not like the religious leaders who were so busy quoting everyone else that they could not draw their own conclusions (Matthew 7:28-29). Theirs were the words of others, He spoke the Word of God. His authority derived from His intimate relationship with the Father and His Word (John 4:34). As they walked with Him and watched Him, once again, they were amazed and astounded. He did not set Himself above others. He was not self-righteous. He did not require compensation for His acts of healing and miracles. He spent time with everyone, not just people who were connected and could advance His social status and reputation. He actually had compassion on the masses, wandering and helpless, not for a moment judging them as deserving of their unfortunate circumstances. And, treating them with respect, He gave them His best. That He did everything well is their first observation, then they qualify it...He even heals deaf and mute (people culture found it easy to ignore completely). Yes, everything He does, He does it well!

Today, reflecting the life of my Savior, for His honor, may everything I do be done with excellence as an act of worship to Him in response to His great grace freely offered and received by me. May people hear my good words and see my good deeds and give glory to my Father in heaven!

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