Day 59: Numbers 23-25; Mark 8:1-21

"Don't you understand yet?" (Mark 8:21)

It seems to be a part of the human condition. Balak would not relent...offering more sacrifices from different vantage points making greater threats would not change God's mind. All this did was give God an opportunity to reinforce His plan and purpose, and out of this came passages that speak life into our day and point wise men (and women) to Jesus (Numbers 23:19-23; 24:17-19). Much less dramatic, but still with the same effect, is Jesus' reminding the disciples of His mission. How quickly they forgot the feeding of the 5000. How hard it was for them to get their minds off material things to things eternal. Do you hear Jesus' frustration (Mark 8:21)?

God has so much more for us than we can begin to imagine. If we would only begin to grasp how deep is the transformation of our renewed minds that results in victorious living, how great are His promises that give us the Kingdom now. How often has Jesus said to me: "Don't you understand yet?" More than I care to know.

"Fill me anew and afresh with Your Holy Spirit. Open the eyes of my heart, bend my will to Yours, shape my life into conformity with Christ, and live through me for Your honor and glory that my world may know that Jesus lives and saves. Amen."
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