Day 60: Numbers 26-27; Mark 8:22-9:1

Imagine the gall of rebuking Jesus (Mark 8:32). The audacity of Peter is magnified by his confession of who Christ is (Mark 8:29; Matthew 16:16). It was truly inconvenient for Peter's Messiah to  be opposed by the powers that be and subject to their tyranny, let alone, die. All of a sudden the student tries to school the Master, the follower lead the Lord. Jesus would have none of that! He would not waiver from God's plan, nor would He allow anyone to try to interfere with that, not man or Satan. No, Jesus sets His GPS for Jerusalem and faces the journey to the cross head-on. I am so glad! Aren't you?

Peter's human-focused vision of Christ might have impacted history for a moment. A god of human creation is no god at all...the boxes we create are way too limited and self-focused. They will only disappoint us. The God Who came into our world did more than impact history for a moment, He changed it forever. Thank God for the cross and the Christ of the cross! Oh yes, and as you and I thank Him, let's remember His call to us (Mark 8:34-36). Yes, let us embrace the attitude, the mindset of Jesus (Philippians 2:5-11). 

P.S. Today you get two-for-one. Yesterday I was typing my last sentence when the site decided to demand that I log-in again and wouldn't accept my auto log-in. I had saved my first sentence as a draft, but that is it. Everything else evaporated into the cloud when I re-logged. Yesterday was a full day, so here I am. For now I am making adjustments to the new tech...join me in being persistent, it is paying off and will do so. Love you all!

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