Day 64: Numbers 32-35; Mark 10

Astounded, amazed, alarmed, encounter Jesus is to have some response to His presence. The above words are used to describe the disciples' and crowd's reaction to Jesus (Mark 10:32). He had just called those annoyances that some people call brats, and others just preferred to ignore, the standard for entering eternity...become like children or you won't get into heaven. Then, He turned around and told the man who was everything that culture and legalistic in spiritual things and, did I say 'rich' (which was an obvious sign of God's favor), to give it all up...and he sent him sadly away saying there was no eternal hope for him in his present condition. Amazing. Alarming.

Well, isn't becoming like children like being born again (John 3:3)? Isn't giving it all up like taking up your cross (Mark 8:34)? Isn't what's impossible for us, yet possible for God called grace (Mark10:27)? It doesn't depend on me, it depends on Him. He has done the work! I am so glad I am on this side of the cross and Pentecost! All I have to be is all His and I am all in. How amazing is that? To all the 'A' words, add this response: awe...and adore!

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