Day 69: Deuteronomy 11-13; Mark 13:1-13

Possess the land...

That some perceive God as a miser who does not relish the pleasure of His children enjoying all His blessings and benefits, baffles me. God created a paradise for Adam and Eve to enjoy, and He invited them to revel in all He had made. Yes, they were stewards of it all, but He blessed them and told them to enjoy all its benefits and populate it with a family to share in its blessing. Now the Israelites are about to enter the land of promise. What does God say? Possess it and enjoy everything about it...yes, even the things that are the fruits of others' labors...I am giving it all to you. Just remember where it came from, Who graced you with it, and how much He loves you. Remember Him! Keep your relationship vital and real, walk in His way, enjoy His blessing.

We know the story. But, in everything see the heart of God and hear His words. Enjoy all that He has lavished on you! Keep Him first in all things! Remember He has blessed you to bless others, so share what you have! Possess the land...

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