Day 71: Deuteronomy 14-19; Mark 13:14-14:31

What would happen if witnesses would be held to a high standard of accountability? In an age where words are cheap and self-promotion is not only considered the norm, but even promoted as praiseworthy, the Old Testament practice of two, or three, witnesses verifying facts, seems dangerous. Imagine the witnesses having to 'throw the first stone' of a capital crime ruling, to make the awful outcome of their testimony come to fruition (Deuteronomy 17:7). Imagine a malicious person, swearing falsely under oath, having to face the punishment or outcome they wished upon the target of their evil plot (Deuteronomy 19:15-21). If bearing false witness had the same weight it did, I wonder what would change in our present culture? Then, I think about Jesus saying, "...and you will be my witnesses..." and I think, "Wow! He trusted us to be held to a high standard. Do my words match my actions? How do the facts of my Christian journey hold up in the courts of eternity?" I want to be a reliable's a matter of life or death...eternally.

Lord, let me be a true and faithful witness, by Your Spirit, for Your glory! Amen! 

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