Day 75: Deuteronomy 28; Mark 15:21-47

How low can you go? Reading the depths to which God's people would go when they abandoned Him (exactly what they did) is repulsive (Deuteronomy 28). Watching the cowards abuse Jesus in word and deed before and during the crucifixion...all from a place of their perceived safety is disgusting. They were free to move and spout their venom, He was nailed to a cross, beaten and bloodied by their abuse. Knowing the love of God that longs to bless, and freely forgives, is beyond comprehension. Why should He so love us? Yet, He does!

Looking at the world in which you and I live, it is obvious that human nature has not changed. The depths to which humans can go in their behavior remains repulsive, and the proud tongue-wagging against a God Who does not strike back in reaction, is still disgusting. And, the love and mercy and grace of God that delays judgment for the salvation of all, is still amazing. We, who have been saved by God's grace, out of the depths of our own depravity, must take advantage of the opportunities that we have...there may not be too many share the great Good News. God so loved all humankind, even those in defiant opposition against Him, that He gave His One and Only Son. Knowing His forgiveness, we can live in His blessing. Thanks be to God for His indescribable Gift!

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