Day 81: Joshua 7-8; Luke 2:21-52

The Quiet in the Land

Though it has been adopted through history by varying groups, during the days of the presentation of Jesus, there was a group of people who were known by this title. In the midst of the Roman occupation with all the control and abuses that come from foreign invasion; in the midst of the turmoil within the Jewish religious-political machine; in the midst of the resignation of many that life would never change, 'The Quiet in the Land' held out for 'the consolation of Israel' (Luke 2:25). The old man Simeon, righteous and devout, and the old prophetess Anna, living prayerful in the temple, belonged to this group. They prayed and lived in watchful expectation. Their hope made God and His presence the goal of their very existence.

Simeon was old and past retirement. He most likely was not daily in the least it would seem so by his witness to the Spirit's prompting. Because he was constantly in prayer, he listened to the whisper of the Holy Spirit and made his way to the temple that day. Anna, on the other hand, was always in the temple. The prophetess was known by her praying. When the unremarkable, poor couple walked into the temple for the presentation, it was they who recognized the Messiah in their arms. Yes, God chose to reveal 'the consolation' (the Hope) of Israel to 'two old relics'...most likely respected by the majority of people but tolerated as having outlived their usefulness and mostly ignored...who had spent their lives 'watching and waiting in prayer.'

There is not much chance either Simeon or Anna got to see the 'end of the journey' of Jesus' earthly ministry, but they were content to be among the minority who would witness His arrival (along with shepherds, and later, Magi). You can be certain they were there to welcome the ascended Lord, and bow at His feet.

Come, join 'The Quiet in the Land.' Watch and wait, live in hope, and grow to look like your Heavenly Father as you live daily in His presence. You may be surprised at what, or whom, He chooses to show you.

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