Day 83: Joshua 11-13; Luke 4:1-30

Jesus, in the affirmation and power of the Holy Spirit, is led by the Spirit (Luke 3:22; 4:1, 14). Jesus' instruction at the end of Luke's Gospel (Luke 24:49) and the beginning of Acts (1:8) is a reminder that we must live as He lived, in the power of the Spirit, led by the Spirit (in essence, this is the principle of abiding/remaining in Him - John 15:5, 7). Fascinating, isn't it, that Jesus in the moment of extreme affirmation (the Spirit descending, the Father proclaiming His favor), is led into extreme testing, and rejection in His own hometown. Truth defends Him in temptation and Truth arouses the animosity of His own people when they will not receive it, but He does not waiver. Led by the Spirit, He moves on. The emphasis on the gift of the Spirit and being led by the Spirit is never just on power, but it is power for living, and living victoriously at that. If Jesus, the man, needed the Holy Spirit to empower Him and lead Him, how much more do we! Come, join the Journey of holiness through the cleansing and empowerment of the Holy Spirit. This life will definitely bring you challenges and opposition, it will not be easy, but it is so worth it! You and I are never, ever, alone. He is with us. He is in us. His for us. In Him, we overwhelmingly conquer, and, nothing can separate us from His love (Romans 8:28, 31-39).

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