Day 84: Joshua 14-17; Luke 4:31-5:26

I love the humility and surrender of the leper who came to Jesus (Luke 5:12-14). His life was wretched. Not only was he dealing with a debilitating, ultimately life-threatening, disease that left him disfigured and reeking of dying flesh, he was also a social outcast. Everywhere he went he had to warn everyone to stay away, crying out loudly, "Unclean! Unclean!" Imagine living with the vision of people scurrying to get as far away from you as possible. He had no means of self-support, depending on the kindness of people to supply food. The rest he must forage to eat. He was homeless. Perhaps he lived in an encampment of others like himself. He was also desperate. The risk of coming to Jesus could have been life threatening. What did he have to lose? When he approached Jesus, though, he came with a beautiful and humble surrender: "If you are willing..." That was very Jesus-like: "Not my will, but Yours..." I imagine the words Jesus spoke were as healing to his soul as they were to his body. In a world that had told him to go away, to keep away, not to bother anyone, he heard Jesus say, "I am willing." Perhaps you need to hear those same words today: "I am willing, be made clean." 

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