Day 85: Joshua 14-17; Luke 4:31-5:26

Today my personal devotions led me to those familiar words: 'Those who wait [hope, trust] on the LORD will renew their strength...' (Isaiah 40:31). Yes, I completed my reading for the weekend, but I never want that to be part of my busywork. This weekend is full of church activities...really good things...but I don't want that to be busywork. Everything I do, I pray that it comes out of my relationship and time with God, waiting on Him.

In my early morning hours, two songs kept running in my God-ward communion: 'I Depend on You,' and 'Abide.' It dawned on me, that these were a part of God's Jonathan-ward communion. In this moment of abiding, I am totally aware of my dependence on Him. Here, I am filled with peace and I know this day will be blessed, for He is the Center of it all.

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