Day 89: Judges 1-2; Luke 7:1-35

Even John the Baptist had doubts (Luke 7:20-23). To dwell in doubt can lead to faithlessness, but to express it, leads to affirming answers that encourage faith. Consider all that John had been through. No wonder he was discouraged. No wonder he wondered? He did not stay in that state. He went to the Source. Jesus did not condemn him, but answered him in a way that confirmed faith, erasing doubt. First, He performed 'signs and wonders' that would show John the answer, then He told John. No doubt, Jesus was and is the Messiah. Place all your hope in Him!

Today I read in my devotions from E.M. Bounds: "The trust that supplies prayer centers in a Person...and His willingness to grant the things we pray for. The strong promise of our Lord brings faith down to the present and counts on a present answer." As VBS reminded us a couple years ago with great reinforcement, always go to Jesus with everything, even your doubts and fears, because you can "Trust Jesus!"

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