Day 93: Judges 11-12; Luke 9:1-27

There are moments one more clearly understands Jesus' comment: "Truly I tell you, there are some standing here who will not taste death until they see the kingdom of God" (Luke 9:27, CSB). Such comments have always raised questions about Jesus' intention and the expectation of His early return. However, Jesus did remind His hearers that 'the Kingdom was already in their midst' (Luke 17:21)...more than once. There were very clear demonstrations of that...Pentecost, for instance (Acts 2). Yes, pretty much the whole book of Acts. I am grateful that such moments of Kingdom presence are not limited to the pages of Scripture. Yesterday, God was clearly with us in all our gathering. Then, something sweet happened in the second worship service. He simply opened the eyes of our hearts and, as the old hymn goes, 'Heaven came down and glory filled our souls.' Kingdom interruptions of our planned order are always welcome! While they can never be manufactured, when they come, we bask in the glory of His presence and watch Him work as the the children of the Kingdom obey the Spirit and God does Kingdom business in our lives. This is amazing grace! I am deeply grateful to God, and His gathering family for minding Him! Holy Spirit, You are welcome here!

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