Day 94: Judges 13-14; Luke 9:28-62

For a moment, this morning, I got distracted by angels and glorified saints. It struck me that the angel who appeared to Samson's parents was completely indiscernible from a human being (Judges 13:11, 21). On the other hand, the glorified Moses and Elijah were completely identifiable. What made them so familiar to the three (Luke 9:30-31)? Was it their appearance, their conversation, or did Jesus spell it out? It fascinates me, it makes me contemplate heaven. But, then I realize that what makes them so significant in their appearance (I mean their 'showing up') is not what one sees, but how they are related to God. The glory of the angel is his service to the God of Covenant Faithfulness and Love. The glory of Moses and Elijah is their presence with the One Who is Greater than they. The testimony of the angel to Samson's parents is that God has heard their cry and He has come down to them to deliver Israel. The testimony of the Law and the Prophets is that God has come into our midst to deliver us eternally. It's all about Who God is and what He does. This week, set your eyes on Jesus Who set His face toward Jerusalem (Luke 9:51) to bring glory to God by doing His will and accomplishing His purpose and plan completely (John 4:34). Yes, set your eyes on Jesus, and listen to Him (Luke 9:35). It's all about Him! His presence and our presence in Him.

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