Day 106: 1 Samuel 20-21; Luke 15; Day 8 Prayer Journey

Who doesn't love a good story? Parables were relatable lessons that Jesus shared with His followers and anyone who would listen. Luke 15 is a perennial favorite. A lost sheep and lost coin, everyone could identify with these in Jesus' day. Of course, everyone is fascinated by wealthy families. In this case, though, they were horrified by the action of the younger son, the total disregard for decorum, and mostly the deep disrespect for a loving, providing father. This was unthinkable...and a juicy tale for the hearing. How would it end? Just as unexpectedly. Everyone knew what the son deserved...he should be considered as worse than dead. By rights, he should have been treated as though he were never born. Yet, the dad was waiting for him, looking down the road for his return...unheard of. More amazing yet, he goes running after his son the moment he recognizes self-respecting patriarch would ever be seen running, even after a child in great favor. And then, he embraces and restores him to sonship. That is the greatest surprise of all! Amazing grace!

Oh, yes! That's what God has done for me, for you! Rejoice and be exceedingly glad! Pass it on!

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