Day 107: 1 Samuel 22-23; Luke 16:1-13; Day 9 Prayer Journey

The Heart of Hannah

Hannah came to God with a desperate was God-given and natural. Hannah wanted to be a mother. Hannah reminds me of Mary (or is it the other way around?). Hannah's surrender was simple, singular, and sincere. Her obedience was opulent...the answer to her God-given desire was given back to God. The impact was/is immeasurable...the heart of Mary, the heart of Hannah.

Rob Songer, the author of today's prayer challenge asks: "What would happen if a generation of parents and grandparents today began to to cry out to God, praying for the next generations? And not simply praying for them but offering them to God to be used for the work of the kingdom?"

Ponder these questions and pray with him: "Lord give us the heart of Hannah...prepare us to prepare them (our children/grandchildren) to go in Your name." Amen!

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