Day 109: 1 Samuel 27-29; Luke 17:1-19; Day 11 Prayer Journey

The story of two Sauls.

In the first (Old Testament reading of 1 Samuel 28), King Saul who has utterly abandoned God, cannot get a vision of Him (he is only trying to save his own hide), so he seeks a medium, an instrument of the devil. There is so much that is confusing about this entire interaction, but seeing it in context is a reminder that when we abandon God and make ourselves god, we can never get a vision of the One Who is in ultimate control. Saul's end is destruction, for his vision turned inward on self, and his god utterly failed him. His will was done and his myopic vision fulfilled.

In the second (Prayer Journal reading of Acts 9), Saul of Tarsus, persecutor of the Church, is confronted about his vision through hatred-driven has literally blinded him to Truth (Jesus Messiah) and so Truth blinds him. This Saul turns to earnest prayer (Acts 9:12) and God gives him a vision of salvation and mission. God, Who is always purposeful and confirms the visions He gives, also gives Ananias, man of God, a vision (Acts 9:10). His great and singular mission of obedience to the vision has impacted countless people through this Saul. His one act of obedience, his "Yes!" to God changed the world.

This story actually becomes the story of Ananias who abandoned his understanding of 'what was logical and safe' and said, "Yes, Lord, yes!" I want to be like Ananias!

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