Day 111: 2 Samuel 1-3; Luke 18:1-17; Day 13 Prayer Journal

Where there is no vision [no revelation of God and His word], the people are unrestrained; But happy and blessed is he who keeps the law [of God]. (Proverbs 29:18, AMP)

Vision is what I see because my eyes are fixed on Jesus...Godward. I only truly see the vision because of God's revelation (that which can only be known because God shows it...His Word, Law, Torah). Vision is what I see because of what God shows me. He is light! In Him is no darkness (1 John 1:5). His Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path (Psalm 119:105). Vision and revelation. God wants us to see! The first thing He created was light (Genesis 1:3). He wants us to see and know His way, His plan, His vision for us. He sent us 'the Light of the world' (John 8:12). The only question that remains: Do I truly want to see what God desires to show me?

Abba Father, I have all the revelation I need in Your Word and in Your Holy Spirit Presence. Open my eyes to see beyond what is in front of the eyes of my heart. Strengthen my faith and resolve to embrace what I see. Empower me, Spirit of the Living God, to follow that vision courageously, boldly, for Your glory and honor. This I ask for Jesus' sake and in His Name. Amen! 

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