Day 113: 2 Samuel 7-8; Luke 19:1-27; Day 15 Prayer Journal

When God says "No" how do you and I respond? David's goal was lofty, noble and selfless. It was God-centered. God said, "No!" David worshiped and rejoiced. When God says "No" listen to His greater answer. David did. God asked, "Are you to build a house for me?" (2 Samuel 7:5). No! In short order, however, He said, "The LORD Himself will make a house for you, David." (2 Samuel 7:11). God's bigger "Yes!" There is no imagining what God has in store for the surrendered heart. When He says "No" rest assured He knows better and He has something better in store. Like David, say "Yes" and live in prayer and praise.

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