Day 114: 2 Samuel 9-11; Luke 19:28-48; Day 16 Prayer Journal

We live in a day of such emotionally charged words like: equal, equity, equality; unity, uniformity, unanimity. As I read through Day 16 focusing on Galatians 3:28, where Paul challenges human hierarchies and divisions, my reflective listening paused at words like 'solidarity' and 'mutuality.' Sometimes it is easy to dismiss words (and thoughts) because of associations. The world we live in parades examples of all of these thoughts, demanding that in the name of inclusion, we abandon healthy debate and true diversity, and conform to a socially destructive ideal. This, in itself, is a hierarchical division, for its prophets and priests demand that we think as they do, for they know best. Wherever human interests are promoted absent of God, there will always be a hierarchy. Some joke: everyone is equal, some are just more equal than others.

This is where we desperately need the Holy Spirit. He alone can take this marvelous diversity of human beings, weaving their unique giftedness into a powerful force for social transformation (read revival). This only happens where Christ, the Head of the Church, rules supreme...His Kingdom...His will. We only know these when we realize that His House is, indeed, a House of Prayer for all nations (Luke 19:46; Isaiah 56:7). Come, together let us seek Him, that He may make us one, as He and the Father and the Holy Spirit are One.

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