Day 115: 2 Samuel 12-14; Luke 20:1-26; Day 17 Prayer Journey

Today we have examples of what unity is not. A house divided (the family of King David) and a House divided (the Jewish religious establishment). Though it makes the fodder for 'reality tv,' it leaves the home in tragic dysfunction and in the spiritual realm leads to death. Our Prayer Journal moves us into the challenge that Paul famously gives the Philippians (2:1-11). At the center of the challenge is the example of Jesus Himself. It is called 'the kenosis' (self-emptying) passage. Consider Who Jesus is...God. Consider what Jesus did...emptied Himself of His rightful place as God, became human and the servant of all, dying our death as He bore our sin (and He, sinless and holy). Consider what the Father has done...exalted Him to the highest place.

Now, says Paul, be like Jesus. Have this same 'mind-set.' Serve first. Hold others up first. Consider others before self, greater than self. The only way this works is in the surrendered heart, a bowed knee, a confessing tongue: "Jesus is Lord!" Unity only exists where Christ is the Head of the Church, and the Church is consequently living in obedient surrender, embracing His vision, fulfilling His mission.

"Person by person, family by family, church by church, make us one, Lord. By Your Holy Spirit, make us one."

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