Day 119: 2 Samuel 21 - 1 Kings 1; Luke 22:1-38; Day 21 Prayer Journey

"It is possible to have union without unity," says James Bond. Yes, James Bond did say that, but he goes by Jim to let the world know he is a real person, and a minister, not 007 (I met his Dad on several occasions). This is the freedom we have to destroy the life of the put ourselves and our own desires and thoughts above others. To me, it is inconceivable that, after Jesus washes the disciples' feet (John 13:1-17) and initiates the new Passover Feast, Holy Communion (Luke 22:14-19), the disciples still have an argument about which one of them is greatest (Luke 22:24-27). Inconceivable! The seed and foundation of disunity/division. They were together, but not together, in a union, but not united. Jesus set them straight. I am Lord! I served you. Be servants to one another!  When Jesus is Lord and we love as He loved (John 13:34-35), then we have a unity that is the core of our union. Here is the license for life...and for witness and for winning the world.

O God, there is so much evidence in our world of union without marriages, in work places, in politics...let this not be true of Your Church. Make us one in Jesus by the power of the Holy Spirit. In our union unite us in love and in service that the world may know. Amen!

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