Day 120: 2 Samuel 21 - 1 Kings 1; Luke 22:1-38; Day 22 Prayer Journey

Jesus said to Peter: "I have prayed for you..." (Luke 22:32). How amazing would it be to have Jesus, Himself, pray for you, for me. That would be a prayer I would love to hear. What would He ask of God, our Heavenly Father? How could God not say, "Yes!" to Jesus and answer His prayer on our behalf? What would be the result of God's answer? Have you ever wondered?

Have you ever wondered if you and I would have Jesus pray for us as He did for Peter, if we would have the same self-sufficient disregard for Jesus' prayer? In essence, Peter said: "You don't need to pray for me. I'm all in! I'll even die for you! I got this!" (Luke 22:33). We know how that least in that moment. We have also seen the far side of Jesus' answered prayer. Praise God!

Well, Jesus did pray for you and me (John 17:20)! God, our Father, has every intention of answering that prayer. In fact, He already has and will continue to do so. The question remains, will we receive the prayer...and believe for the answer?

P.S. If I were you, I'd read John 17...just saying.

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