Day 121: 1 Kings 2-3; Luke 22:39-71; Day 23 Prayer Journey

[Jesus] went out and made his way as usual [as was his custom (ESV)/habit (NASB)] to the Mount of Olives [his place of prayer] (Luke 22:39, CSB).

Here I am in my place of prayer, not a shadow of comparison to what I read this morning from Luke 22, but I am here and so is Jesus. Blessed and graced beyond measure...that's what I am!

E. M. Bounds (The Power of Prayer) talked about 'fervent prayer that pushes through to the heavens.' Jesus prayed fervently.

In the context of 'prayerful worship' (Alshandra Visagie, Prayer Journal), I am reminded that we re carriers of the Presence, catalysts for Christ who influence our environment through living 'loudly for [Jesus], changing our communities. Only through Jesus and like Jesus.

In our Old Testament reading (1 Kings 2-3) I am reminded that nothing thwarts God's plan and purpose. Justice is served and those who seek Him are rewarded. Seeking Him, we gain all we need and more than we could ever imagine. What I need constantly is wisdom. He promises to give it freely (James 1:5-6). Jesus is the Wisdom of God.

Back in Luke's Gospel, chapter 22, I marvel at Jesus. I am so far from being like Him, yet He draws me into Himself. He reminds me that in Him, I can become all that I am designed and purposed to be. Just keep my eyes on Him and follow His lead.

So, here I am in my place of prayer...and so is Jesus.

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