Day 122: 1 Kings 4-5; Luke 23:1-25; Day 24 Prayer Journey

"...and their voices won out." (Luke 23:23b, CSB)

Luke uses a literary device to convey a truth emphatically. He gives a statement or records an action three times to show its profound significance. Three times Pilate says to the religious leaders, those who have falsely charged Jesus with crimes worthy of the death penalty, "You have no case! I find no fault in Him!" (Luke 23:4, 14, 22). In case you and I might overlook this literary device, Luke states very plainly: "A third time..." (v.22). Despite the fact that Pilate knew Jesus was 'not guilty' he bent to the loud, screaming voices...they won out.

We live in an age of screamers who love to stir up crowds with their lies. Between the notion that popular opinion is right and nasty, accusatory volume is verity, our world is more divided than ever...and more confused. Don't give up hope! Truth prevails! "But," you say, "Jesus was crucified!" Indeed! That was God's plan from the beginning of time (Revelation 13:8). He was so in control (John 19:10-11). God did not manipulate the crowd. He did, however, turn their malice into our redemption...we will read of Jesus' most cruel death, but we also know the resurrection is around the corner!

Along with the writer for today's prayer devotional (1 Peter 4:10), I believe that Jesus is the Answer,  and that we, the church, are the messengers of that Truth! God has gathered everyone necessary to the accomplishment of His plan. We must live the truth and proclaim the truth, and ultimately, we will see the Truth prevail. It may be Friday, but Sunday is a-coming!

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