Day 125: 1 Kings 10-11; Luke 24:1-12; Day 27 Prayer Journey

Every word, every deed

Being intentional disciples, so that every little word, every small deed, is done for Jesus and His glory, bears fruit in the long haul. Our reading from 1 Kings reminds us that Solomon became way too much like the world we live in. Any anomalous person can gain multiplied followers impressed by curiosity and become a 'social influencer.' Solomon's life-time accomplishments were phenomenal, but it is David we remember. As much damage as these bizarre influencers can manage, in the light of eternity, they are a flash in the pan. May God cause their influence to wane quickly, and protect the innocents who are swayed by their confused self-promotion.

In the mean time, yesterday I witnessed the blessing of intentional discipleship exercised consistently through the years. At our National Day of Prayer gathering, I saw a generational prayer warrior (her mother was one, her daughter is one), a pre-teen (who has participated in prayer walks from when he was in a stroller), a 90+ year-old preacher (who has sent out multiplied pastors and missionaries through his ministry), and a local preacher (whom I have witnessed rip young people out of gangs and drug dependency for Jesus) lead us in what lasts. They all prayed powerful prayers. Praise God for such disciples and those who discipled them! I praise God for you! Keep on keeping on, for the present worldly craziness will end, but what is done in Jesus' name will last matter how small and insignificant it seems!

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