Day 127: 1 Kings 12-16; Luke 24:13-53; Days 28-29 Prayer Journey

What a total contrast between the should-be leaders called the kings, and the would-be followers called the disciples. The kings knew better, yet they by choice fulfilled the prophecy that Samuel made that they would place heavy yokes on the people of Israel and lead them astray...far away from God. The scattering disciples had placed their hope in Jesus, were deeply disappointed when He did not meet their limiting and cultural expectations, yet they did not abandon their hope in God. We know Israel's history. We can tell what's coming through the pages of Kings and Chronicles. Thank God, we know the rest of the story with the disciples (I am glad Luke did not stop with the Gospel, but gave us the Acts sequel). Their faith in God was rewarded and the disciples encountered their living Lord. His presence is life (Luke 24:1-12), revelation (Luke 24:13-35), shalom and promise (Luke 24:36-53). The change in the disciples is the marked opposite of the kings, for they obeyed and worshiped! Yes, they waited for the promise and as they prayed, they continually praised.

Come, let us worship and bow down! Let us kneel before the Lord our Maker, for He is our Lord and we are His Church, safe in His presence and embrace (Psalm 95:6-7, adapted).

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