Day 129: 1 Kings 19-20; John 2; Day 31 Prayer Journey

Meeting God in unexpected places. Elijah makes a cave a hermitage (1 Kings 19:9-18). He is running away from everything and everyone...for his life. Elijah, prepare to meet God. No, He does not show up in the way you might expect: earth(quake), wind, and fire. No, it's in the sound of shear silence, that almost imperceptible whisper. Yet, it is unmistakably God...and Elijah embraces his mission and mobilizes to bless his world.

Let's go to the other extreme...a party. Not just any party, an elaborate, drawn-out wedding celebration. There is God, in the middle of the party (John 2:1-12). He shows up...not in the way you might expect. He makes new wine. Oh, it's a brand new day in God's Kingdom, and His disciples mobilize with the Master, embrace His mission and learn what truly blessing the world is all about.

My guess is that you and I are somewhere in between a hermitage and a party in this moment. I promise you, where you are, God is there. Ask Him to show Himself. Tune in. He has something to tell you...I am quite certain what He says will invite you to mobilize in mission and bless your world.

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