Day 133: 2 Kings 6-9; John 4:31-54; Day 35 Prayer Journey

The second sign (John 4:46-54) of Jesus in John's Gospel reminds us that the Good News is for exceptions. This gentile official would not have been welcome in the worship of Israel. He could not have sat at the table for a Jewish feast. Anything he touched that was ceremonially clean would instantly become unclean. He was welcome to come to the fringes, but not into the House of faith. He was desperate. His son was dying. His last resort was Jesus, and Jesus answered his request. As a result, faith came to his household.

John has seven 'signs' in his Gospel. The first we will consider tomorrow in our Sunday worship. Everyone was more than just a visible miracle, they teach Kingdom truth. God loves the world, every tribe, nation, language, and people. God loves. He gave His Son to prove it, to win the world back. Whoever believes receives Life eternal. Even a gentile official and his household!

Thank God! Today I pray with our devotional writer: "Sanctify us into a unity that convinces the world of Your saving love. Amen."

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