Day 135: 2 Kings 12-14; John 5:30-47; Day 37 Prayer Journey

"Throughout the time the priest Jehoiada instructed him, Joash did what was right in the Lord’s sight." (2 Kings 12:2, CSB)

Across the table from me sat a Christian brother and fellow pastor with whom I have developed a lasting and deep friendship. One lesson I have learned through life and ministry is that I do not have all the answers. God speaks to me in many ways, but beyond Scripture and prayer, the next most prominent is through mentorship. We MUST have people to speak into our lives. My friend has mentored me well. I am blessed! He spoke some words, and a lightbulb turned on in the part of my journey that needed illumination. Believe me, I am still processing what he said. Rondalyn was the first person I talked to in my processing. She is my wife and best friend, I need her insight and intuition. She also mentors me. You see, what God speaks to me through others, I have learned that He will confirm as the truth applies.

Every week, with rare exception, I meet with two bothers in Christ, who keep me accountable and mentor me. That is a time I cherish, for I am deeply blessed by this relationship. I could talk about how I value our staff pastors who mentor me well. You mentor me. The District Superintendent does, too. In fact, there are many more who mentor me, not all at the same level or for the same duration. There are those whose words have more weight because of their journey with Jesus and their journey with me (too many equally weighted voices lead to confusion), but I have learned that I must have mentors! You must, also! That's how God designed us. Our last D.S. used to ask: "Who is discipling [mentoring] you, and who are you discipling?"

The Voice translation says this of Joash: "[He] was righteous in the Eternal’s eyes during the entire time he was mentored by Jehoiada the priest." After Jehoiada died, he took up with evil mentors and lost all he had gained for good (2 Chronicles 24:17f). Choose your mentor(s) well! Jesus will help you...let Him be your primary Mentor!

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