Day 139: 2 Kings 23-25; John 7:1-31; Day 41 Prayer Journal

The difference between listening to respond and listening to understand is profound (see Michael Johnson's words in the Prayer Journal). We do not live in a listening culture, but when there is listening, it tends to be the former. Jesus' words in John 7:24 grabbed my 'listening to undertsand' attention this morning. In a world that listens little and then judges by appearances, listening to respond, read these words in the Expanded Bible: "Stop judging by the way things look [outward appearances], but judge by what is really right [right/just/righteous judgment]."

Father God, please help me pause to listen and listen to understand. Let me not fall prey to thinking I have all the information I need by what I see, but open my eyes to the truth, then help me respond from that understanding. I want to do what is right, from a heart that is made right by You. Then, help me, by Your Holy Spirit within, to walk in the truth that You show me. I love You. I need You. I serve You gladly. Amen!

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