Day 143: 1 Chronicles 8-10; John 8:39-59; Day 45 Prayer Journal

"We must be vigilant that, in all we do, the love of God has an odor that is so powerful none can miss it." (Brent Peterson on John 13:35 in the "Prayer Journal"). I don't know about you, but when I think of odor, I think of smelly socks or sweaty gym clothes...not pleasant. If I were writing that sentence, I would substitute the word 'aroma' for 'odor' fact, I did write it in my journal. A pleasant aroma draws us in...yes, becomes good therapy for us, leaves us relaxed and at peace with the world (you know I am speaking tongue-in-cheek). To some, the love of God in Jesus was offensive, but to those who were desperate for hope and help, for joy and peace, Jesus was the aroma of God. People were drawn to Him. People encountered God when they came to Him. This, too, was the reputation of the Early Church: "Behold, how they love one another!"

Whether I use the word 'odor' or 'aroma,' I must ask the questions: "Does the love of God so saturate my life that it overflows out of my being to draw my world into a God-encounter? Does it, likewise, pour out of the church into which the love of God has been poured, Pentecost-style, by the Holy Spirit?" I pray so!

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