Day 145: 1 Chronicles 14-16; John 9:24-41; Day 47 Prayer Journal

Most of us probably read the word 'Baal' and think of the great encounter of Elijah vs. the prophets of Baal on Mt. Carmel. In many cases, Baal is associated with the worship of idols. Context matters! If you do a quick search, the words 'owner, master, lord' will probably show up in reference to 'baal.' They are appropriate. In 1 Chronicles 14, David is dealing with those Philistines who have a very long memory about their defeated champion, Goliath. They are still coming after David. Apparently, they never learned their lesson. The God-empowered and guided giant slayer was still God-empowered and guided. God soundly defeated the enemy through David. The place of defeat was named Baal-perazim (1 Chronicles 14:11). About this defeat David said:  “Using my power like an overwhelming flood, Elohim has overwhelmed my enemies.” (Names of God Bible). Other translations use the words 'burst out' or 'break through' to describe that flood. So, Baal-perazim becomes the name. I like the Amplified Bible's footnote (it pays to read the footnotes) about its meaning: 'Master of breakthroughs.' This is our Great, Sovereign, Creator-God, God of Majesty, Elohim...He is the Master of breakthroughs, the God who Pours out and Bursts out, Who Overflows and Overwhelms. Yes, He is our God! Yours and mine!

What David said about the flood turned my attention to Pentecost (Acts 2, celebrated by the Church of God this coming Sunday). With the pouring out...the overwhelming overflow...the breakthrough became very personal. Are you living in the present power of the One Who Overcomes? The Gift of the Holy Spirit is for you, for me. Open your heart to His overflowing presence.

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