Day 146: 1 Chronicles 17-19; John 10:1-21; Day 48 Prayer Journal

As I was reading today's Prayer Journal on 2 Timothy 3:16-17, that 'all Scripture is breathed into by God', my mind was taken back to our recent conversation about the Name God gave Moses ("I Am" - Exodus 3:14) being transliterated, YHWH, and in Hebrew sounding like breath - YH = inhale; WH = exhale. Every time we breathe, we speak His Name. He is our Life, our Breath.

Next, my mind went to a video that Cynthia Martin posted decoding our DNA. Hidden in the core of our being, our DNA code sequence is YHWH ( He is our Breath, our Life.

Now we read that all Scripture is God-breathed. If you and I want to live fully, abundantly, spiritually, we have to live in the Word that is breathed into by the One Who is our Life, our Breath. Have you spent time with the LORD in His Word?

P.S. The Holy Spirit (Who is the Breath of God) will inspire our reading...and take note, in our John 10:1-21 reading, Jesus calls Himself "I Am"  (literally, 'I I am') four's all about Him...for us. 

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