Day 6: Genesis 15-17; Matthew 7

El-Roi, God Who Sees (Genesis 16:13). El is God in His essence. Sovereign God, God Alone, sees all. To many, that is scary, but if you look at the context, a servant named Hagar is fleeing for her life and in a desperate place, and that is where she encounters God...or should I say, God encounters her. Rather than condemn her, He comforts her with the promise that He will make her the matriarch of a great nation, and then reminds her that He will care for her. The God Who Sees is the God Who Knows and Cares! He is also the One Who Keeps His Word! When El-Roi looks at you today, He Who sees all reminds you that you belong to Him. Allow Him to meet you where you are, to work in you what you need Him to do, and take you to the place where you need to go in Him...He keeps His promises, and you are the child of His love!
Photo by Carter Baran on Unsplash.
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